Tour of Tule Mat house at Kid's Archaeology DayDark Green blockHorse beaded bagWanapum Native American Display Unit kid's activity with tule matsClose-up image of petroglyph image found outside of the Wanapum Heritage Center MuseumTeal blockLight Green blockLooking outside from within a tule mat houseDigitized archival photograph of tule mat structures along the Columbia RiverRed blockArial View of Wanapum DamReservoir Patrol surveying
The Wanapum Heritage Center presents, maintains, and continues Wanapum history and way of life. The museum is located near Priest Rapids dam on the Columbia River. Visitors to the museum view artifacts or watch videos of Wanapum history, the Columbia River, and more. An agreement between the Wanapum and the GCPUD was made in 1956. The GCPUD promised to maintain and protect the Wanapum way of life. Today this agreement is alive through the Wanapum Heritage Center.
Wanapum Heritage Center Archaeology Day Hemp string demonstrationTeal block
Wanapum Heritage Center Repository woven basket artifactSmall Beaded bagOrange blockWanapum Heritage Center Archaeology Day Kid's Day